Price: $595

State: Florida
City: Jacksonville
Zip code: 32202
Type: Pets

Now accepting deposits on our latest litters of Black Smoke and Blue-eyed Flame Point Himalayan males...
Gorgeous litter of "doll-faced" and "flat-faced" Persian and Flame Point Himalayan kittens, "Christian", "Derek" and "Peter" are now available for deposit and delivery/pickup....latest photos were taken 1/20/15...
Beautiful Creme "Juliette"(SOLD) is one of the most affectionate kittens imaginable as is our stunning Black Persian "Rafael". The female has been spayed and the male neutered. Both are up to date on all vaccinations and they may leave any time...$595.00
Black Smoke males (two remaining), all are gorgeous and incredibly playful...$750.00/choice
Stunning Tortieshell Persian "Victoria" is available at $895.00(SOLD)
One of our kittens came back for a visit while her owners are on vacation...she's a stunning Chocolate Tortie...
Beautiful litter of doll-faced and flat-faced Flame Point Himalayan boys from our Tortiepoint Himalayan mom "Ava" and Seal Point Himalayan male "Jude" (with an incredible pedigree of many, many Champions and Grand Champions)....$.00 ("Peter" is Reserved)
Note that we do not allow our kittens to leave until they are at least 12 weeks of age.
NEVER caged, each of our kittens are birthed into our hands, handled and played with daily to ensure an extremely strong human bond with their "forever" owners. They have room to run and play in the rooms of our historic home and have constant human interaction.
Every kitten is seen by a licensed veterinarian for their health exams and vaccinations beginning at 8 weeks of age. When speaking to ANY breeder, be sure to ask about their home environment and medical care.
See the latest photos on Facebook under "Penny's Persians" and our website (be sure to read the "testimonials" page!)
We strongly encourage visiting to play with the kittens and see how truly beautiful and affectionate they are as the photos simply do not do them justice.
Unlike some breeders we NEVER ship our kittens (they're NOT cargo...too many flights get delayed or cancelled) and will hand deliver them to you for a nominal charge. Our kittens have gone to homes in RI, NYC, Pa, MD, NC & SC, Minn, Tn, Chicago, Atlanta, Va., Florida and Puerto Rico.
Kittens are CFA registered and are sold as pets, we do not offer breeding rights.
Email or call any time...(910) 612-...